I'm a programmer with a passion to learn.

I'm Kenneth Lin.

Part philosopher, part innovator, full-time charismatic personality.

I envision when I sleep.

Here's me sleeping.

I envision when I eat.

Here's me eating.

I envision when I live.

Here's me smiling.

Refreshing projects.

Look no further if you wish to liberate your existence.

Chain Reaction Hackathon - More is More

H@B-IEEE Hackathon - MindScorpion RC Cars

CS61B - Lines of Action

Big Hack - Thunder Ant

CS61A - Scheme Interpreter

CS61C - Hadoop Parallel BFS

Benchmark Suite

EE40 - Electroencephalogram

CSUA Hackathon - Karaoke Song Voter

Crazy skills.

A master of every art form known to man.

Wait stop!

Just kidding, go on, resume.